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Switzerland ~ #2 (65 pts)
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Tuesday, 29-Nov-2005 00:00
A1 GP Sepang #7
These are shots of the top teams in the A1 GP at the starting grid before the sprint race. These are standard shots, more meant for my record keeping.

I would love to see the A1 GP become a formidable rival to F1 popularity. Already the television coverage for the A1 races are showing to a growing audience. I observed that there were more overtakings in A1 than in F1 races. Aerodynamics of A1 cars are designed for better slipstreaming and overtaking. In F1, procession race has become the norm. The air turbulence at the tail makes close proximity tailing and therefore overtaking, difficult. Isn’t the thrill of racing in the overtaking?

In F1, the teams build their own chasis and engines. Competition becomes the domain of the limited few with huge budgets; Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and recently Renault. The rest just make up the numbers. Minardi was destined, from inception, to be a tail-ender. Its engine alone is nearly 100bhp apart from the Ferrari. In layman’s term, it’s like pitting a 3 litre with a 1 litre car.

In A1, all the teams are equipped with literally the same cars. No car has significant advantage over the other. The drivers’ skills and the team of engine set-up mechanics therefore make the difference.

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